A Mother’s Special Day

by admin

A Mother’s Special Day

As Mother’s Day soon approaches I reflect on how special Mothers are. My mother passed away several years ago but every Mother’s Day I stop and remember her.

How we talked and laughed and how each year I tried to make Mother’s Day a little bit better than the last one. 

I would go into her room and examine all the perfumes to see if they had run out, or I would look through her closet to see if she had bought anything new so I could match something up with the outfit.

I knew the kind of flowers she loved and would listen carefully to conversations for a hint about something she wanted to do or a new restaurant she wanted to try. I would look at the size tags to make sure I got the size correct size. As I grew older and moved away these things became more difficult to do but I made sure I called her and sent flowers and a special card.

Those days seems like a distant memory now and as a mother now myself with my children grown I can still remember her as if it was yesterday. I can still smell the perfume she wore when I go to the department store I still look for things she would have liked. But most of all I remember her laugh, sometimes at me for doing the unthinkable, and sometimes with me when we watched her favorite comedy shows.

My message is just a reminder to cherish the times you have now with your mother. Spoil her on Mother’s Day and think of her every day. The time with her passes quickly but the memories will last forever.