Moving Out

by admin

Moving Out

Call me anything. I live my life. I am simply me. Satisfied. Happy. They call me complacent. Reluctant. Carefree. Whatever they may say, I am me. It is always a story between him and me, never between them and me. 

I was a seventeen when fate took a different stoke. I thought I fell in love. I was sure, but I doubted my young heart. How could that be? The love I shared was so unassuming. It didn’t make me good. Same stubborn little only girl in a brood of four. Lola’s pet, Daddy’s girl. A classic brat. I wanted to mend my ways. They say I needed to metamorphose into one great woman. I was born to live a good life. Huh? In disgust, I obeyed. For how long? That I couldn’t say. Impatience tears down the best of me. With its call, everything stumbles. What do I need? They presumed I was doing well academically. I was out for the best job in town. I was merely enjoying the moment. That is what life is all about. Living by the moment. Tomorrow is too far. This is my life; I am entitled to it … Until I met Empay.

Empay celebrated her fourth birthday on December 4, 2004. She has evolved into a carefree, substantial, deep, challenging, and playful little girl. Empay sings the best songs. She is full of promise and hope. She makes me do the most awkward things I never knew I was capable of. She makes me shed the most tears as she gives me the happiest of smiles. Nothing puts me much in great faith and anxiety other than her discomforts.

The Christmas of 2007 made me the loneliest lady in her late twenties.Empay visited the hospital. She had to undergo several tests to rule out her state of health. You bet she was brave, while I occupied the darkest corner with my sobs. Every prick of the needle penetrated in my insensibility. But Empay stood firm. She smiled. Quavered at times. But I salute her.

In my four years with Empay, I learned the art of living the life that I should. To give unconditionally. To love fully. To live the cliché that patience is a virtue. I learned the value of hard work. Dignity of labor. I am still the same happy me, but I am assured I am happier. Empay’s quips make my day. Empay’s yells stun me like nobody else. Her expressions make me obey without question. I’ve been teaching her about God, but she exemplifies great faith. Nobody made me feel the way Empay does. Empay gave me the chance to live with the Almighty’s greatest gift: motherhood. You see, my best bud Empay is my daughter. Cheers to us great mothers!