Mutiple Adopted Families

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Mutiple Adopted Families

As I reflect back on my blood family, I only remember, as a small child, how my blood family did not get along. I hoped and wished for a supportive big family, but it did not come from my mom or dad’s side. By the time, I started fourth grade, my first adopted family were the Hubbards! The children were close to my brother’s and my ages and we hit it off the first time we met.

As we grew older, the Hubbards became our family and they are still to this day! Next, I adopted a new family as I started my doctoral degree, the Mitchell- Hyman-Spells, Wannamaker Family—this family was ultimately as great as the Hubbards. I loved being with them, going out to eat, and vacationing. Better yet, I work with Mrs. Hyman-Spells and Ms. Wannamaker is in the same district. Mitchell is their maiden name and their mother was the kindest lady in the world. She always made me feel comfortable. She died a few years back and we all miss her and honor her to this day.

My very last adopted family is my present principal and her family, the Fausts. Unfortunately, when Mrs. Faust became principal, my era of sickness began! She stood by my side. What more can you ask for? Then her husband started volunteering at the school after being in the military for so many years, and he and I developed a bond. He treated me as if I was his daughter. Both of my adopted parents—the Fausts—gave me the BEST, sound advice! I love each and every one of my adopted families as I love my own immediate family!

Remember, the old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child.” In my case, it’s a child and a promising, hard-working ADULT!