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My Adorable Nephew

Steven is one of my nephews. He is so adorable. I remember spending time with him as a child. We had some family fun time together. We would watch cartoons together on a Saturday when I had been babysitting. We would also go outside and play basket ball as he grew older. These moments are unforgettable and I will cherish them always. He always had the sweetest smile on his face. And made my heart melt when he said "Auntie."

Steven is now a grown young man. And has a degree in crimmal justice. He wants to help make the world a safer place to live for everyone. And I am so proud of him. Steven will always have a special place in my heart. His sweet face and nature are still with him today. He hasn't changed much as an adult. His warm heart and sweet smile is still within him.
He shows it every time I see him. It is a warm feeling when you get a chance to spend with your nephew or nieces. It helps to remind us how important they are. I will always be greatful for the time I had with mine.

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