But My American Idol Is Playing at the Other Stadium!

by admin

But My American Idol Is Playing at the Other Stadium!

Springsteen’s in town! Here in New Jersey, the Boss’ home state, that’s like having the Pope visit Yankee Stadium or David Hasselhoff on a European tour.

News reports say he brought down the house last night at Giants Stadium, where I saw him in concert numerous times before, including twice during his Born in the USA tour.

To this Bruce fan, it’s so exciting, so fun … so crushing, so sad. Because though I’m going to a concert this week, it isn’t Springsteen’s. It’s the American Idol Live Tour. I’ve got tweens, and we’ve got tickets.

In hindsight, I suppose I could have brought my children to the Springsteen concert. There were plenty of kids at the Meadowlands when I got a sitter for the kids and took my husband to The Rising Tour in 2002. But when I play Bruce on my car radio, my eleven-year-old tells me to “turn that off.” It’s like driving with a miniature version of my father in the back seat.

So, instead of finding out why the Star Ledger said, “It’s hard to imagine [Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band] playing better, or meaning more to its longtime fans, than it does right now,” I’m heading to an arena filled with screaming tweens who were born when Bruce was already middle aged. My Springsteen records—yes, records—are a good fifteen, even twenty years older than them. If American Idol’s David Cook played “Thunder Road,” they’d probably download his version onto their iPods and then wonder who that old guy is playing the same song on their father’s radio.

Instead of a rousing version of “Rosalita,” I’ll be exposed to what one newspaper referred to as “the ten finalists from Season Seven reprising their well-worn karaoke routines.” Rather than three hours, twelve minutes of rock classics, new and old, I’ll hear hours and hours of covers of Queen and Aerosmith, like I’m at a local bar on a Saturday night, only without the alcohol. And judging by the reviewers’ words used to describe the AI Tour—“limp,” “headscratching,” and “one long drone,” I might need some alcohol. And ear plugs.

So, I’ll suck it up and take my kids to see their very first concert. And then I’ll wait for Bruce to find his way back to cap off his tour at home, and I’ll get tickets. And a sitter.