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My Babies

Ok well I had my first baby at nineteen. I was told that I could never have kids because I had a lot of scar tissue. Well I found out I was pregnant when I went in for my normal exam. I was so excited, he was my dream come true seeing I was told I could never have kids. Well when he was eleven months old I found out I was pregnant again, talking about surprised but thrilled, another baby my dream. Even now I raised my son alone and being pregnant with my second, my husband had to work out of town so it was hard but I did it. When I was six months pregnant I stood up out of a chair to go to the bathroom and I felt a big gush. I went to see what it was it was, all blood, scared out of my mind. I was rushed to the hospital and all it was is I was in labor. Yes she was born very early but is healthy and happy now. Me and my husband started talking about having another baby so we decided to start trying. Well the first try, what do you know I’m pregnant. I took seventeen tests just to make sure, LOL. I couldn’t believe it, I wanted it so bad but my doctor told me it was almost impossible, shows what he knows. Now I’m eight weeks pregnant with my third angel and so so happy.

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