My Baby Guardian Angel

by admin

My Baby Guardian Angel

I truly believe that I have been blessed with my very own guardian angel. I have baby girl who is sixteen months. I had her in January of 2007. Ever since then my life has taken a turn for the better. Before I had my baby I was always down and never wanted to do anything. I just felt my life was going nowhere. I took it really hard when my cousin was killed and my uncle passed away, I thought about it on an every day basis. I was hurting deeply, to make things worse my boyfriend for nine years decided he wanted more than one lover so I took that hard also.

But when it came for my little girl to be born that is when a click of light suddenly came upon me; I was completely different. I felt joy and peace within. I had never felt that way before. At the hospital when the doctor gave her to me, I gave a her a kiss on her forehead on which the doctor said she had “angel kisses.” I just completely burst out in tears, no they were no longer tears of sorrow but now tears of JOY. That was my miracle. It just seemed everything else disappeared and only the face of my lil’ angel was there to brighten my life.

After arriving home from the hospital three days later, my aunt who is also my pastor noticed a change in me she said to me, “Codi, you seem like a whole different person.” Her tears started to fall and she gave me the longest hug ever. She looked into my eyes and asked me what I had done to make my face seem so bright and different. Ever since then I walk around with a big smile on my face and everybody where I go says to me that I look so much different than the person I was before.

Now sixteen months later she still does the same for me, she is always there to cheer me up with her sweet smiles and little “blahs” and “nanas!” Also her cute “suga” kisses. I think that is so sweet.  Now, I believe I can achieve what ever I want to. I even have a better job. Back then I tried to look for good employment, I just never could focus on it. I would just cry and end up quitting. Now I am the SYS Supervisor for the Scholarship, Employment, Training Services Office here in my home town.

So I truly believe my baby girl is my guardian angel.