My Best Memory Of 2008

by admin

My Best Memory Of 2008

April 18, 2008

4 p.m.: I was crying, walking back and forth. I was clearly upset and didn’t know what to think or say. I held the cell phone to my ear and just wanted to scream but managed to speak clearly. 

“I told you, you shouldn’t have gone to PA We all knew he’d come early … I have to go to the hospital in an hour.” I paused to listen to my boyfriend on the other side of the line. I sighed and couldn’t think to sit down. ”Of course it’s not a false alarm! I’m afraid you aren’t going to be here.” The trip from PA to NY wasn’t the quickest thing in the world, and I was praying he was going to be here in time. I hung up the phone and wiped my tears. I couldn’t let my mother see me cry or she’d want to know why and make things worse. I stormed into my house and grabbed an apple and chomped on it. ”Let’s go!” I yelled, grabbing my bags and heading for the car. I really prayed that my boyfriend would get to the hospital in time.

5 p.m.: I looked at the time and was silently going crazy. I was being admitted into the hospital without my boyfriend there and I just wanted to cry some more. I made it up to the fifth floor, my mom holding my hand and my boyfriend’s mom on the other side of me. I prayed and prayed he’d get there in time for this spectacular moment. The doctors checked me, checked our heart rates, and made sure we were okay. She was surprised I wasn’t feeling anything and said I was in silent labor. Amazing. I was being induced for labor and my boyfriend was still not here yet. I was so afraid he wasn’t going to be here on time.

7 p.m.: They broke my water and loaded me with pitocin. I could not stop laughing at the feeling of my water breaking. Everyone in the room swore I would be going into labor laughing. The moment the pitocin hit my system, the contractions came out of nowhere. There was no more laughing and I almost yelled out at the cramping and wanted to cuss and fight it but I tried to stay calm. I thought I could try it naturally but definitely decided against it when I was hit with one huge contraction after the other. I squirmed, trying to get comfortable but just couldn’t. Finally the man with the epidural came in and I almost relaxed until another contraction came. He put alcohol down my back and almost made me laugh since I’m extremely ticklish. As soon as the epidural worked its way through my veins, I began to relax more and more. Then I saw the clock and noticed my boyfriend still wasn’t here. I tensed up, not being able to relax anymore.

8 p.m.: “I’m here!” In comes my boyfriend, unfashionably late but finally here before I gave birth. He looked pale and ready to pass out. “What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned about his color. Mind you, he’s African-American so for him to look pale, he was really pale. (Ha.) He gave me a kiss and slumped into a chair.

“I’m imagining the birth and it’s making me very sick to my stomach.” He said while he put his head into his hands and rested his elbows on his knees. I tried not to laugh, knowing that he’s has a sensitivity to blood. While I was laughing, I suddenly felt the need to push. I called the doctor in and told her how I felt and she smiled.

“He’s coming!” she said, putting gloves on and getting ready. My boyfriend couldn’t stand, asking my mom to block his view of everything. He didn’t want to pass out. I was happy that my son was finally on the way and that my boyfriend had gotten there in time. I felt that uncontrollable need to push and the doctor told me to push. I yelped, almost squirmed, sweated, pushed, and anything else that I could’ve done to bring him into this world.

9 p.m.: And out came my son Isaiah and I felt so relieved. My boyfriend still looked pale and just stared as he watched his son be maneuvered around the room. 4 pounds, 11 ounces. He was three weeks early but adorable as anything could ever be. I was so grateful for him that his size didn’t matter to me, as long as he was healthy, which he was! My boyfriend made his way over to me and pushed some of my sweaty hair out of my face.

“Wow, that was crazy. I can’t believe you did all of this. You’re …” His voice started to drift and I asked him what was wrong. He didn’t look all to stable. He shook his head, holding his stomach. “Nothing … I just happened to see that heart looking thing.” Which of course turned out to be the placenta. I laughed as I nudged him a bit when they brought our son over for us to see for the first time. I cried, my boyfriend held back his tears, and we were so happy for this moment. My son, my wonderful son, was born that night and this definitely was the turning point in 2008. Yes indeed, he is my most wonderful memory of 2008.