My Birth Story

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My Birth Story

When I was eighteen, I became pregnant with my first son. He was supposed to be due in September but things did not go as well as we had thought in August.

A month before my due date I was in a huge accident. I was with my two sisters, my mom, and my baby nephew, and we were out on a ordinary shopping day. We slowed down to turn right down a street and all of a sudden I woke up four days later in a hospital bed in the ICU. 

I had no memory of the accident at all. It turns out that while we were slowing down to turn right, a man who was not paying attention and on his cell phone, hit us from behind and we went spinning hit the curve came to a complete stop. I flew out the back of the explorer, which had shattered at the time of impact. 

I was rushed to the nearest hospital and from there I was flow to the nearest trauma hospital which was like forty-five minutes away. They got me there and did a emergency c-section. The baby boy (Lil Jimmy Jr) came out fine he weighed a little over 4 pounds and was 16 inches in length. He might have been a preemie then but now he is a monster he is as healthy as can be and as wild as can be!