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My Boyfriend's Uncle Raped Me and I'm Pregnant

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic content.

My boyfriend’s uncle has raped me about four times now and I turned out to be pregnant. Its terrible my mom got so mad I didn’t tell her about the rape, should I have? I mean love is a strong word, but I truly love my boyfriend and when I told him I was pregnant he flipped out because we still haven’t had sex. He told me to tell him who the dad was and I started crying. Then he told me everything was okay. I told him the truth, that his uncle raped me he was so mad. I don’t know what to do. I’m five months right now so I have to choose soon. I want to keep it, abortion is not an option. So, I have two options: adoption and keeping him. I’m lost,  I’m fourteen for crying out loud. Someone please help.



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