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My Children My Strenght

My children my strenght.I love you all so very much.You make me feel strong when inside I'am trying so hard not to be weak.You make me feel like I'am the most special person in the world when I'am with you.I feel like superwomen when I'am with you guys.Yet I know there so much I need to push myself to do.So much has changed now.You may never understand desions that had to be made.Sacrifices on everyone end.You will never know how much a mother heart breaks and longs to be near you everyday.I love you more then you will ever know.It's ok if you can't understand right now.Just know one thing nomatter where you are at,where you go you will always be part of me and I of you.I bless you everyday and put you in God protection.You are my joy and my pride!When my days seem dark and hard to go on because I miss you so much , your faces in my mind help me to go on and be the very best that I can! I may have given you birth so you can live life to the fullest but you guys have helped me to live and strive to the fullest.I love you all so very much!

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