My Children’s Safety

by admin

My Children’s Safety

I have found a program out there that can help keep our kids safe and prevent them from being abducted by a stranger or predator. The program is child Shield, U.S.A. and they have a comprehensive, proven and guaranteed program that teaches parents and children the key seven rules for safety and also provides an unprecedented emergency response and recovery program in the event a child were to go missing.

It’s fun for the kids, easy to understand, and you actually make a real video of your kids which gets stored in a secure location in case a child were to go missing. This company has the ability to immediately reach over 16,000 agencies across the country and duplicate your child’s video and posters, and send them out to all of these organizations. They also put up a $50,000 reward for the safe return of your child and hire a private investigator who works for free on your behalf.

I became aware of the program through a local friend who’s children were on it. The company has been in business for seventeen years, has 2,000,000 families on its program, and has only had two children go missing, both safely recovered. The national statistic for missing children is one in one hundred across the U.S. With Child Shield, it is one in 300,000. Which group do you want your child in?