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To My Daughter With Love

Jen, I am so proud of you. We all know there isn’t anything God can do.
I prayed so much so, as well as other as many other people did, our prayers were answered
Jen you know it may be rough at times, but I know you can do it one day at a time.
I see my daughter coming back to me, and I thank God for what is see.

They say shut your mouth, and open your ears.
Do this, Jen, and it will take away all your fears.
But from the inside as well, where you will find strength, courage, faith, and hope, am God is with you.
And Jen when you think you are going to stumble and fall, call on a friend, they’re for you after all.

You are such a beautiful young woman, and that is clear to see.
Not from the outside, But on the inside where your strength, hope, faith, and our lord
So, Jen, keep up the good work, you earn all the praise, because you did it, not me.

Today I feel as proud as the day you were born.
And you know Jen; you are not in this alone.
Look around you, there is always there is always help.
And I pray God you will continue on this new journey; with that, Jen, all best wishes. 

I would like to dedicate this poem for Jen, who is starting a new beginning.
Praise God. 

Starshine (Mom)
I love you so much, you will make it, remember the little engine that could.


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