My Daughter’s Playmate

by admin

My Daughter’s Playmate

This story was brought to mind after reading the article about the Down syndrome child in the April, 2012 issue of the Journal.

One day my daughter was playing at the park. Another child wanted to play with her so they romped off together to play. The other child happened to be a little girl with Down syndrome. As they went off to play, another mother came over to me and said, “You aren’t going to let your child play with her are you?” I said “Of course I am. Why not?” She said, “Well, she has Down syndrome,” I said, “Well, what difference does that make?” I was horrified.

How can people be that insensitive and cruel? People would not let their children play with that poor little girl just because she had Down syndrome. I was in disbelief and I still don’t understand it and that was sixty years ago and I still remember all the details because it was so awful. My daughter and that little girl became fast friends and her mother was very, very grateful because she finally had someone to play with.