To My Dear Nate

by admin

To My Dear Nate

When life is hard on you, I feel your pain.

Every drop of tear you cry, every ache you feel inside, I disdain.

We have a magical bond that ties our hearts as one.

This is why when your heart breaks, mine shatters for you, my son.


If in time you decide to walk away,

I would understand.

You deserve to have the freedom;

And, may your experiences bring you wisdom.


Should you decide to come back,

I’ll be waiting.

My hand, stretched out– reaching,  with happiness overflowing.

On my knees, I’ll be thanking God for your homecoming.


The pinky promise I made will forever stand.

I will always protect you and my love will never end.

In time, your broken heart will mend.

I’ll be right here, I’ll hold your hand …
Always remember, you have a mother and a friend.