My Double Rainbow

by admin

My Double Rainbow

Being a parent is a joy, a pain, pure happiness, some sadness, a little frustration, and a ton of pride. Someone should have told me about the great rainbow of life a child brings to a person granted this awesome gift. Really, if you think about it, being a parent of a child is like watching a rainbow. You have such a great array of feelings, emotions, and that pride, or pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow when they have grown up. Now don’t get me wrong, the rainbow will always have to be watched so it never fades away. I have been blessed with a double rainbow and could not be more proud and blessed.

These rainbows took so long to form and had a lot of hurdles along the way. The wind blew so many times and the lightning strikes along the way luckily did not stop my rainbows from forming into the beautiful wonders of the world they are. The lightning strikes along the way were so very scary, but to see how bright the rainbow began to shine with each obstacle was so fulfilling for me that I became stronger just watching them. The wind was not as powerful as it thought because it did not take away any of the amazing bright hues that emerged.

Every rainbow has lightning strikes and thunderstorms, but how you guide that rainbow will determine if it shines bright. I have tried to make sure mine will never fade. They seem to get stronger and stronger everyday … Sometimes I think the color fades and just then, it’s a shot of bright color that infuses to keep it strong. The future I know will keep my rainbows so very strong and someday they will have their own to watch and guide in this great universe. The events of the days become stars that shine when the rainbow moves on. The parents who watch have become the sun and the tears we feel when our rainbow seems to fade always bring them back. Every sun needs a little rain for a rainbow to be.