My Father

by admin

My Father

My father is my hero and inspiration. I look up to my father for several reasons. He is a caring person who gave up so much for his three siblings …then he and Mom married, (almost fifty years ago), and guess what? He is the same person, with the exception that he is even more caring and giving today. Dad worked nights so my five siblings and I did not see much of him during our younger years. However, Dad was always there when we needed his help/understanding.

My father taught me many things: a job is nothing if you do not enjoy it., you must work hard in order to succeed, and nothing is ever just given to you. You have to put everything (time, love, and caring) into whatever it is you want. If at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying until you do—anything is possible if you believe in it and yourself.

I love my father. I may not say it enough, nor show it often enough, but … I love him with all I have to give. He is a wonderful Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. We love you, Dad and Grandpa.