My Favorite Family Recipe?

by admin

My Favorite Family Recipe?

Last night, when I went to pick up my daughter at daycare, I found a sticky note on her cubby that read “Don’t forget to bring in your favorite family recipe for the daycare cookbook.”

As I read it, another mom said to me, “I wonder if frozen raviolis with butter, peas, and cheese counts.”

Seriously, this is a lot of pressure. Do I need to come up with a recipe of my own, or can I “borrow” one from the Food Network? Why does everyone assume I/we/anyone HAS a favorite recipe, and if I did, why would I share it? I thought that was the idea behind favorite recipes, they become specialties that people whisper about or try to steal after you’ve died.

I hope this isn’t something that can be used against me, like when Cindy McCain “plagiarized” her cookie recipe from the Hershey’s Web site. What if they find out that my famous chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies are actually from the back of a Quaker Oats box, or that my pretzel chicken came from Rachel Ray. Gasp!

Once again, my lack of domestic flair is running into the unreasonable expectation that we are all aiming to be the next Martha Stewart. If anything, my goal is to be the next Alexis Stewart, a kid with an extraordinary talent for riding on her mother’s coat tails.

Too bad my dad keeps kicking me off of his coat.

So, I’m not sure what recipe I will contribute to the day care cookbook. It’s a toss up between mac and cheese out of the blue box (with frozen peas thrown in) or the drop and bake chocolate chip cookies that come in a tub or tube.