My First Baby’s Birth

by admin

My First Baby’s Birth

I was young when I had my first child, nineteen to be exact. I had never held a baby before, and was absolutely terrified. I was just ready to get “this pregnancy thing” over with though, nothing could be worse than this, right?

I’d been up all night with my hips and back hurting, so when my mom came by to tell me she was going into town I asked to come along. We lived about thirty minutes outside of town, and I didn’t want to be there if I was in labor. Not to mention my husband had been drinking the night before and was passed out, so I did not want to have to depend on him.

We timed the pains; they got consistent and closer together. It was about time, I was almost three weeks overdue and really tired. So, to the hospital we go. I called my dad and asked him to get my husband.

About thirty minutes later he comes stumbling into the hospital smelling like a brewery. This is what every woman dreams of when she’s in labor—a hung over, smelly husband who at this point is starting to panic a bit.

Apparently my father drove around our house honking the horn until my husband stuck his head out of the window. Then daddy told him I was in labor. I think the majority of the time between the phone call to daddy and my husband getting here was spent trying to wake my husband up. He’s a very hard sleeper, especially when he’s been drinking.

I had to have pitocin to move things along. Then they gave me an epidural. The baby and I both had a reaction to the epidural and they had to give me something to even it out. My blood pressure dropped to almost nothing and his heart rate did the same thing. Then I pushed for three hours and they tried to do a c-section. I asked if there was a risk to the baby and they said no. I asked if I could continue to push till I couldn’t anymore and they let me go ahead.

I had him naturally; thank God I stood up for myself. Oh, they did have to use the suction cup thing they stick to the top of the babies head, it’s called a vacuum extractor. I asked the doctor about it, then one nurse looked at the other and said to get the vacuum cleaner. My husband was quite amused, however I was not.

So after almost three days of labor and pushing I have the baby. It’s a boy, and we named him Tony. Tony is now six. He likes anything to do with karate or super heroes. He’s a cool kid and I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for him.

Why did I tell you all of this crap that you don’t really care about? It’s back history for future stories. Besides if you don’t want to read it go find something else to do. So, that’s how Tony came to be.