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My First Grandbaby

My daughter Tiffany recently had her first child and I was blessed to be in the labor room to witness this miracle. I had explained the labor process to her during our countless talks about motherhood and I was sure my girl was ready. Of course, this would be my first time seeing anyone deliver a baby right before my eyes. I mean, I had seen movies and knew the process, but to actually see a baby coming into the world would be a first for me. My daughter’ s labor pains began on a Friday afternoon, and my four sisters and I raced to the hospital to be by her side.

Her husband Brandon was very excited about the event taping everyone that came into the room with his camcorder. When I arrived, my child was doing some deep breathing exercises but had only dilated a few centimeters. The nurses informed us that it could be some time before the baby came but I didn’t care. I got as comfortable as I could and waited, my eyes tearing up at each centimeter that progressed. I was an emotional wreck by nightfall but tried to compose myself for the sake of my daughter. I knew it was a stressful time for her and my becoming unglued would not help matters. On Saturday morning, as my daughter lay on her back with her husband’ s head next to her stomach, I heard them talking in low, soft voices both smiling and giving each other gentle touches and caresses. There was a moment when his hand slid across her stomach and I saw the baby move.  I had to be taken from the room I was crying so hard. While in the hallway, I heard my daughter groan loudly and ask my son-in-law to call for the nurse. A few hurried minutes passed then a lot a people came into the room. There was me, my oldest sister, my two nieces, my baby sister, my son-in-law, his mother, the midwife, and two nurses. With this large audience as witnesses, my grandbaby Breanna, made her entrance to the world. I saw her twenty-inch long eight-pound body wiggle out and heard a collective “AWWWW” from the crowd in the room. She then let out a good strong cry of indignation as the nurses cleaned her up then settled her on her mommy’s chest. Seeing my daughter and my granddaughter together face to face had the family very tearful. For me, it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen and I gave a prayer of thanks for being there to see it. But when my daughter looked to me and whispered, “Mama, look at what I did,” I knew I had witnessed a true miracle and smiled proudly back at the child who had become a woman and a mother right before my eyes.

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