My Friend Robo Rachel

by admin

My Friend Robo Rachel

Little did I know that my robo-friend Rachel was also trying to befriend my friends. I found out quite by accident when a friend answered her phone on speaker, “Hello. This is Rachel from cardholder services with an important message…”

“It’s Rachel,” I shouted. ”Tell her hello!” Thinking about it further, I was taken aback that Rachel used the same script for Mary that she uses for me and offered her the same offer.

Before I felt special. Rachel and I had a little friendship going. I think she called when she needed to hear a pleasant voice.

Rachel and I have been having conversations for the last year or so. I always press “3” to “discontinue the calls about this special offer.” Rachel is nice but I think our friendship has run its course.

Once, just to see what would happen, I pressed “1” to “immediately be connected to an agent to hear more” about my deal. ”How can you help me if I have no credit card balance?” I said to this unfamiliar voice that was not Rachel. The man on the other end spoke from a script. ”But you have nothing to offer me,” I reminded him. ”Really, I just wanted you to tell Rachel that she doesn’t need to call…” “click.” The dude hung up on me.

I don’t think Rachel got the message. It didn’t help to shout and call her names. Now she is bothering Mary. Rachel is insecure and needs a lot of friends. Perhaps she got the message and is just trying to gather new ones before she ends our friendship.

Has she called you, too?