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My Granddaughter

My children has given me seven grandchildren, all of them is dear to my heart. But just the other day, to be exact it was Valentine Day, my son and daughter-in-law, and the children, called me to wish me a Happy Valentine Day! We talked and before my granddaughter, who was my first granddaughter, hung up. She said to her mother, I am going to send Grandmom Grace an email. We both laughed and said good-bye. A few minutes later I opened the computer and behold she indeed sent me an email. This is a little of what she said, “Hi Grandmom Grace (oh I meant to say she has my name as her middle name), I just wanted to know how you are doing and what did you do today?” She signed her name and it made my heart flutter. It almost broke my heart, she is six-years-old and in the first grade. My son and his family live out west. They invited me out there, about four years ago and she was just three then. I have seen her twice since then and she is such a dear. She is the oldest now; she has a brother and little sister. Now I am viewing their growth via the Internet.

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