My Happy Space

by admin

My Happy Space

It is like somehow you do not hear anything above the peaceful sound of the vacuum cleaner. Only in case of emergency does the sound penetrate!

A while ago, I received an email about having three kids. Can’t remember the exact words. (I cannot even remember my kids’ names all the time … just like my mother.) First child, you cannot wait for him/her to wake up. Second child, some weird and wonderful thing that I can’t remember. Third child, you find yourself hiding from them!

For sure, I did it just the other day. Our not-so-small bedroom has an attic, and there is no “cash in this attic.” We have a secret door; you think it is a cupboard door, but when you open it, you find an entrance to the roof.

(See, our house is like a real cape-style house. The upstairs bedrooms are in the roof.)

So I found myself hiding in this little storage/attic kind of place, and I left the kids to sort themselves out downstairs.

Just kidding … Rob was at hand!

It is the small things in life—the blissful sound of the kids down the stairs … far away … far away …

Wake up!

Well, this storage room place, far, far away, is the reason why when you open my cupboard door to find everything but the kitchen sink and shelves …

It’s okay, I have a hanging section and some shelves in a small little chest of drawers. I’ll be okay!

In any case, this very much rainy weather is really and absolutely not helping my complete lateness on the washing, so at the moment I do not need much cupboard space …

Chill—just over exaggerating; it’s not that bad!