My Hero

by admin

My Hero

I was twelve years old when our mother passed away due to cancer. She was our whole world; she did all of the cooking, cleaning, and laid our clothes out each morning so we could get dressed, I mean everything. So now here my older sister of four years and I and our dad (God Love Him) were in never never land without a fairy to help. My sister had her task laid out in front of her, try to raise me, because daddy was lost in his own world. I would try to wear stripes and plaid together, colors that didn’t match, let alone try to wash something to wear, didn’t know how to even turn the washer on. So our journey began …

Our dad took us to some friends home to visit one faithful Saturday afternoon, they had horses and oh how I loved horses. Their sons took us riding, and the one I was with also rode a horse that spooked easily. When we were riding back up to the house our dad and his friend started a chair saw and you know what happened next, the horse I was on reared up and the boy I was with slid off and there I was and I came down on the saddle horn really hard and then fell off.

The next morning came and mother nature came to visit me for the first time and I sat in the bathroom crying cause I knew I must be dying how could so much blood come from someone. My sister heard me in there along with our dad, he sends her in to try and explain things. Boy did that go over well with her and me. Looking back now I wonder how I ever made to be as old as I am. Things just kept going on and on from there.

My sister tried dating but of course she had to drag me along most of time don’t you know that was fun. I also got my first kiss from a boy that lived down the street when I was thirteen years old. I went running home after he did that and told her what had happened. Big mistake!

My wonderful sister and her friend told me that since that had happened I was now pregnant. Of course they had to explain pregnant also. Oh they had a great time with that one. I could go on and on about the things my sister has done for me over the years, yeah we had our ups and downs but you know what anytime I ever needed her she was always there to save me from my demons. I hope she knows it works both way.