My Kid and the “F” Word

by admin

My Kid and the “F” Word

When my son was learning to talk he had difficulty pronouncing words that began with the letter “T” which I guess is pretty common. It was close to his birthday so my mom and I decided to take all the kids to the toy store to let them pick out his gift.

They were all very excited because we don’t “do” the toy store unless it is a special occasion. All the kids were pointing out this cool toy and that one when suddenly my littlest starts yelling as loud as he can (to be heard over the others) “F*@k! Look f*@k!” … of course he meant Truck! But that entire store went silent as he continued to yell … well … you know … “that word” … REALLY loud.

My oldest started laughing and then my mom started laughing. My son is still excitedly yelling “f*@k” and I cannot get him to stop. The more I try to make him stop the louder he got. Finally I reached over and picked up a truck and gave it to him. “Yey f*@k” he said and then sat there quietly happy.

I was so grateful he had stopped yelling “that word” that I hadn’t noticed an old lady that had been standing there next to my mom. She leaned over with a grin on her face and said, “You know honey, they always persist until they get what they want … even when they are fifty.”

My mom and I lost it. Everyone around us was laughing and the kids looked at us like they were upset that they missed a joke. The store manager started laughing so hard she couldn’t stop … until she peed her pants right there in the store. Now and then when things get tense my mom will look at me and simply say, “yey f*@k” and then no matter how stressed I am I just have to smile.

Sorry about the “f-word” there is just no way to tell the story without it. Hope I don’t offend.