My Little Miracle

by admin

My Little Miracle

I was told that I was never ever going to have kids because I was going to have trouble conceiving. Well what a surprise when I met my husband I became pregnant right away were are talking maybe two months of trying. I was so happy and excited, but then my happiness turned into tragedy. I was told when I was given my first ultrasound at six weeks by my doctor that I had a cyst growing along side my baby. He said there common in some woman during there first pregnancy but as my baby grew so did the cyst.

When I was thirteen weeks my cyst was the size of a grapefruit and still growing we had heard the baby’ s heartbeat that week and it was fine but come around the following week my baby’ s heart was not beating anymore. The cyst had suffocated it and prevented it from growing anymore so I had to have emergency surgery to remove the cyst that was on my right ovary, I had a laparoscopy and a D and C. I was told not to become pregnant till a year after the surgery so I didn’t—doctors orders.

So a year and a month later I am currently six weeks pregnant I think that I am blessed despite what I have had to overcome by being told by a specialists that I would have problems conceiving again because I only had one ovary and because of the kind of procedure that was done during surgery. I am so happy and excited that I am finally going to become a mother there will soon be a third member joining me and my husband to start our family I can hardly wait. I thank god everyday for this new blessing he had sent me!