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My Little Swimmers

April 21, 2012

Today my children went out for there first swim lesson. Of course my daughter said she already knew how to swim and my son thought he was a super hero ready to dive in and swim like a shark. But much to there surprise they knew nothing about swimming and learned how fun and dangerous it can be at the same time. So in the class there were many children, withonly five life guards, yesI went into the mother role asking the young life guard if they could watch the children all at once. She reassured me that everyone would be safe and learn the fanstatic life skill of swimming. First up was my know it all seven year old daughter she was seated along the side of the poolwhen she took it upon her self to easily ease in the water, she quickly found herself struggling to get her grip she started to flip her feet and reached for the side of the pool. She learned quickly that the water could be dangerous so for the rest of practice she waited for her turn. My son, who was very patient, watched carefully and did exactly as he was told holding on the the board, kicking his feet in the air really having a good time. but as you know he had to end the swim lesson jumping in the pool and splashing everyone around him who were already wet. But they really enjoyed the lesson and we look forward to spending each weekend in the pool.

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