My Man and My Gal Pals

by admin

My Man and My Gal Pals

My darling friends mean everything to me at this point in my life. If it wasn’t for their belief and trust in the decisions I have made for the betterment of the lives of my children’s future, I would be nowhere. So recently, I decided to take them to see that Sex and the City movie as a gift and as proof of my undying appreciation of them. We had a great time laughing with Carrie and all her great friends chillin’ in the Big Apple. So, as a result of having such an incredible time at the movie, we decided to travel to New York.

Right now, we are planning the whole thing and all of us are married, so we had to ask our husbands if it was okay with their schedules, since we all have children. I have kids to care for and needless to say, my husband was all for it, since he knows how hard I try each and everyday to tend and make sure the lives our kids are running smoothly. He has seen me up in the wee hours of the morning with one child in my arms making breakfast, packing lunches, and serving breakfast. He’s great about it because he would never think of asking me to start the coffee for him or to make him anything to eat when I have my hands full with so much activity going on with the kids.

When I told him we are going to New York, he thought I was talking about him. I felt so awful when he said he would love to go with me. Well, I had to break the bad news to him so carefully because he looked like a happy little dog wagging its little tail. I asked him when he would like to go to New York and he told me sometime after Thanksgiving. So, I said okay, that would be great! Then came the bad news; I told him the girls and I are going to New York before the end of the summer, and that it’s just a girl thing.

Well, guess what he said? He said he would pay for my trip with the girls as a birthday gift for me since my birthday is a summertime birthday.

I laughed until I cried and when I dried my eyes I said, “Honey, you already paid, you’re still paying, and you always will.”

Well he had no idea what that meant, but when I told my gal pals, they just laughed and told me he’s an “in it for life” keeper, just like a really cute dog.

Yes, I’d say I’m one lucky woman. Maybe luckier than the characters in that Sex and the City movie—because I have great kids who know I’m there for them no matter what. And rest assured, they also know their Dad is there for them too. And poor Dad thinks he rules the roost.

Yes, God shined a light on me when I married that man.

New York here we come!