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My Most Memorable Babysitting Time

I was babysitting my sweet grandchildren while their mom Carrie was on a business trip and daddy Brian was at work for a week. This took place at their new home on Bull Mountain in Tigard Oregon. Haley had just turned three years old and Nathan was a one year old. Poor little Haley tried to make it to the big potty chair but couldn't quite make it!! She hollered for grandma and when I walked into the bathroom, there she was with poop on the toilet seat, on her blouse, and on the carpet in front of the toilet!! I was trying to take Haley's blouse off when their dog Lucy wandered in and tried to lick the poo on the carpet so I picked up the carpet, trying to find somewhere to put it when little brother Nathan crawled in and tried to stick his hand in the toilet. YIKES!! What to do! I chased the dog out of the bathroom, threw the carpet in the sink, cleaned Haley up and the phone started ringing. Oh no. So I took both kids out of the bathroom, closed the door behind me, and picked up the phone. It was daddy Brian calling to see how things were going. Well, as soon as I put Nathan down to talk to my son, both kids started crying!! So, I told dad what happened and that the rest of the day would go much better. You know what, it was a hectic start, but I still wouldn't trade those adorable tykes for any thing else in the world!!

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