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My Surprise

I am a thirty year old single mother of two sons: one is twelve and the other is nine. In late September while on birth control pills, I found out I was pregnant (surprise!) Then in early December at my first ultrasound, I found out I am carrying TWINS! (double surprise!!) I’m really scared because the father of the twins and I have been in this awful on again off again relationship all year. He and I are have been trying to work things out more now than before especially since he wants to be a full time dad, or at least that’s what he says. But being in a relationship with one woman seems to be his hardest job right now. (If you know what I mean) But I’m trying to be strong and I’m trying to stay calm for the two beautiful gifts I have growing inside of me. I’m eighteen weeks pregnant now and in two weeks I’m going to have a level two ultrasound and hopefully then I will find out the gender of my babies. Wish me luck!

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