My Two Sons

by Vivian Vega

My Two Sons

My two sons are the loves of my life. They are my blessings sent from above.


The oldest is nine years old. He loves playing outdoors, on the computer, with his little brother, and loves to read. In school, he is studious, smart, kind, sociable, popular, and funny. At home, he is always wanting to help me with chores. Often, he hugs me and says, ”I love you, Mom,” and this simply brightens my day.


My youngest is four years old. He loves playing with his older brother the most, of all other activities, always following him, asking if he will play with him. He loves playing outdoors, on the computer, and reading books. He is shy, loving, kind, funny, and has just started preschool. He also, often hugs me and says, “I love you, Mom,” and again my day is brightened.


I am blessed to have my two boys in my life. Having children, for me, helps me realize the importance of life. They are first in my life: their needs come first before my very own or my husband’s. Narcissim flies out the window.


Being a parent does have tough days, but I know for a fact that each day is the BEST! For I am a mommy and darn proud of it!