My Ugly Photos on Facebook

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My Ugly Photos on Facebook

My Ugly Photos on Facebook do you have the right to place my photo without my connect? For my own personal safety what would make someone think they can just place a photo of me on line without asking. To my knowledge anytime you send in a photo to a magazine you must have everyone in the photos consent in writing before they can publish your photo. What would make someone think different.

Precisely how many times perhaps you’ve blushed or flushed with unpleasantness after viewing an unflattering Facebook or myspace photo you had been labeled found in?  What do you think your teenage daughter thinks when this happens to her?  It happens every day, especially to our teens and we as their mothers, aunts and female mentors must look for a solution.  This IS a form of bullying!

Facebook has truly come under fire regarding their particular absence of control in this field.

Unfortunately it wasn’t till late summer 2010 that Facebook announced the ability regarding people to accept tagged photos prior to they are posted on their profile.

This really is a element of the appropriate direction, however quite a few users want the ability to accept photos previous to submitted to Facebook in the first place.

In a survey that was conducted this month, 83% of respondents feel that their particular authorization needs to be obtained previous to somebody putting photos of you on Facebook while 8% considered that posting a photograph to Facebook without having permission really should be unlawful!

The bottom line is at this time there seriously isn’t an alternative way to get ugly or awkward pictures removed from Facebook.  You can untag yourself or your teen but removing it completely is nearly impossible unless the person who posted it removes it.

Specifically what are your ideas?  If we, a community of women, can define a solution, we can stop this form of bullying and further the cause of making the internet a safe place for our teens.  The discussion starts with us, not them, and they will listen if we have a strong voice and opinion – together!

Do you believe Facebook ought to make it simpler regarding undesirable photos to be eliminated or is the actual tag endorsement system satisfactory on your behalf?

Please feel free to express your opinion with us.