My Weekend

by admin

My Weekend

So today is my brother Tony’s birthday. Of course I don’t have his telephone number to call and sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Secondly, I think I have food poisoning. My boyfriend and I decided to do a family date with my two children and his son who turned nineteen on Friday. Well we got to the restaurant in the neighborhood we live in and my kids, my boyfriend, and his son have never been to this restaurant. It was Applebee’s.

So we got in there and we were seated. The R&B music was playing. We began to look over the menu and we agreed on an appetizer for the five of us, only we should have ordered two because it only served four people. So our kids ate it. Then when it was time to order, I ordered the Florentine Chicken with spinach and alfredo dressing. When it gets to the table, the alfredo dressing was all over everything! It automatically freaked me out. I picked up the breadstick and had to wipe the sauce off with my fork. And the dish was cold! So the nice waitress took it to the manager and brought me out a burger. I am grateful for my boyfriend. He explained everything. So I ate some of the burger and fries and we asked for the check. The bill was paid and we left.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling a little sick to my stomach. I got up and got dressed and ordered my kids breakfast. They ate their breakfast and I drank a can of ginger ale. I washed clothes and I told my daughter to get in the tub. In my mind, I thought we really didn’t have anything to do, so we didn’t have to rush. She was in the bathroom for an hour with the music playing. So after the load of laundry was done, I decided to go in the bathroom to clean up the tub for my son to get in. I touched her washcloth. It was dry. I touch her loofah and it was dry. I picked up the soap and she never used it. She never took a bath. So I got upset and there came the yelling and the water works. Yes! I cried! So then to top it off my son forgot his towel. He ran throughout the hallway naked and grabbed a clean towel. His towel was on his bed. He dries off with the clean towel and placed it back into the clean towel hamper. Yes! I cried!

So my boyfriend called and we got in the car and went to lunch at Qdoba’s. Usually I get a bean burrito. That day I got soft-shell chicken tacos. We got home and I had a drink of wine after crying in his arms. I had two more glasses. My kids left to go with their father. I came to my house to dry more clothes. I took a pill to relax. I went to his house and I lay in his bed and fell right to sleep. I woke up five hours later and I went downstairs to make some cookies and hot chocolate. He climbed in the bed at about 11 and he was naked. I did not want to have sex at all. I began to feel sick again and this time I was sweating like I was in labor. He woke up and told me to get up because the side where I was laying was soaked. Yes I had a fever! I got up and got in the shower to cool off. I brought up dinner and the snack. He ran into the bathroom and panicked. He asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. I said no. I dried off, brushed my teeth, gargled with mouthwash, and I went back to bed.

So Sunday morning he called me to see how I was doing. I was disoriented and couldn’t get it together to save my life. Then after fifteen minutes of calling my name and saying the same thing over and over, he told me my kids’ school was on fire. Yes, my kids’ school was on fire! I got up, put on my clothes, and I went outside around the corner. I saw the smoke and the fire trucks the ambulances and the cops blocking traffic. I was in tears asking him to come home because I did not feel good and I was freaking out. Not only was I sick, but I felt like I was going to pass out. He came home and put me back to bed. He made me some tea and I went back to sleep. I woke up, came home, got in the tub, and soaked my body from all the crap that went on this weekend. All in all, I did not have food poisoning. My brother is a year older. My kids did not break down when they saw the site where their school once stood. My boyfriend once again told me how much he loved me, and last but not least, I am not pregnant and I did not lose my mind!