Never Forgotten

by admin

Never Forgotten

I am one of Winchester Hospital’s baby photographers. On a normal day I take anywhere from three to thirteen pictures of healthy newborns, but today was different. A delivery nurse asked to see the photographer and approached me at the end of my day to please photography a baby that was just born twenty weeks old. The baby had had a flutter of a heartbeat and then it stopped. This was mom’s fourth child and dad’s first child.

Moments like these make you appreciate that each and every day is a gift from God and how precious life really is.

I am so touched and I feel blessed to be part of this women’s healing process and to be able to do something meaningful for her, therefore giving much meaning to my life. It is better to have a memory of that baby that she loved in her belly, talked to every day, anticipated that child being born and who from conception was a part of her family and who probably started decorating the nursery, not to mention telling the other siblings about the anticipated new arrival. Loss is hard enough and I believe that the photographs will help in the healing process and preserve a memory of that child being here even though for such a short moment.

A mother holds her child for a while in this case for a moment, but holds their heart for a lifetime, loved but never forgotten.