New Life!

by admin

New Life!

Life had thrown me my share of trials and tribulations long before I conceived my daughter; even though I was told that having children wasn’t in the cards. So you can imagine my joy when the doctor’s prediction was overridden by a higher force than man. Hearing those words—“You’re pregnant!”—brought immense elation! It was by far the happiest day of my life! Until I became pregnant, I hadn’t found a reason to live—life held no real purpose for me. The inner me was empty and void of fulfillment. My ship was sinking fast.

It’s strange how things happen in life—and when the anomaly occurs, we sometimes reason that it was meant to be; we classify it as a spiritual blessing, or from God! Well, my daughter definitely was a gift! She gave me something to live for, a purpose for being, someone to perform unlimited acts of love for. She was a lifeline for me. She was the reason my ship stayed afloat!

Those nine months were most exciting! The teacher inside me started teaching her while she was in the womb. My life had changed—I had changed. It was as if spring had finally arrived!

When my daughter was born, she was the most precious sight that I’d ever seen. I’ll never forget those dark starry eyes peering up at me. When our gaze met one another’s—her name immediately came to mind: Monique! She had the countenance of an Eskimo. It was like receiving a vision of her from far off—in one moment’s stare.

Mother and child is a bond like no other! The attachment, the connection—they are so much a part of you! Children add so much to your life, and they add to you! I’m so thankful for my daughter and to God for providing me with her! She was and is a testimony—that you do get what you need, just when you need it!