New Mommy 101

by admin

New Mommy 101

On February 27, 2011, I became a first-time mommy. I have raised kittens and puppies, but this was a baby. My baby. OMG! Don’t freak out, you got this, I told myself. There are so many things that I didn’t read about, and there are so many things I’m having to learn as I go. She is sixteen days old today, and this is what I have learned so far:

Puppy pads are a great investment for the diaper changing table. Your first night home you will not sleep well. Yes, you will be exhausted, but I woke up every thirty minutes to make sure this was real and she was still breathing. She is a good baby that sleeps most of the time, so thankfully she doesn’t cry often unless she is hungry or needs a diaper change. By the way, on the diaper change, expect the unexpected. On one of the diaper changes I lifted her leg to finish cleaning her and she shot green slime at me—it hit the wall! Literally! Oh yes and the colors of the rainbow are in a diaper. If this is your first baby or first go at a diaper change, good luck, dodge, and breathe in through your mouth.

Do sponge baths till their umbilical cord stub falls off. Trying to dress a squirmy newborn is like trying to dress a spider. You’ll see what I mean … The little silver snaps are always fun to figure out which one goes where. Forget about perfume anymore. Not only do you not know if your baby has allergies, but the essence of spit-up will cover up any smell you have applied. Never underestimate a burp cloth. You need one everywhere you go. You will learn your baby’s cries. There’s a different one for pain, hungry, wet, and attention. The first time your baby gets sick is heartbreaking, because there’s nothing you can give them. I recommend getting a vaporizer. Your house will smell like a vat of vapor rub, but it’ll help you breathe better too. The first time your little baby has their blood drawn is the most gut-wrenching experience. I had to leave the room, and cried outside till they got done. She hit that high note and I lost it. I hope you’re not alone when you go through that day. I was and it was horrible. Parking spaces become annoying because of the limited room you have to get your baby in and out of the backseat in her car seat. Babies always know when you are about to fall asleep. They know when you’re wearing clean clothing. And they love to hear you talk to them. They will make you laugh at the funny faces and sounds they make. My daughter squeaks and it’s cute.

I never knew you could give birth to a bobblehead. And that’s exactly what they do … their heads uncontrollably go in every direction. I’m not breast-feeding, but formula is high dollar! I mean one thing of formula cost $22! A pacifier and that one sock will get lost quicker than anything. Sleep when they sleep because every two to four hours your shift starts. Don’t give them a bottle every time they cry. That may not be what they want or need, and if they are too full they will cry more and throw up. Be sure to sterilize the nipples of the bottle before you use them. A pot of boiling water will do the job. Sometimes, when you feel you can’t do this all, they grab your finger and smirk at you and you know all is okay. All will be okay again. Remember that they get hurt, bruise, and get scrapes, and you will always feel it’s your fault—like you didn’t protect your offspring. But sometimes things are going to happen that are out of your control. You are a human as well as a parent. You’re going to make mistakes as a parent. Just take one day at a time and try your best to care for your little one. Good luck, and you will do great! I believe I’m being paged … God bless and take care!