New Purpose

by admin

New Purpose

I started this process with the hopes of being able to reach men of all ages. My dream was to help create more fathers for the children of this world. I quickly found out that men were not the only ones I needed to reach. There are a tremendous amount of women that have been left to raise their children on their own. While it might be good to try and encourage the men to return to their families and take their natural roles; I found out that in some cases this just is not possible.

For whatever reason, more and more women are finding themselves being forced to take on fathering duties. While I know that women are more than capable of raising their children on their own; I just feel personally that they should not have to. And then there is the argument that states “a woman cannot raise a man.” When the man or father of the child is nowhere to be found; then who says a woman cannot raise a man. A lot of these women have no choice but to raise them. And while some of these women might have strong support systems behind them; there are a number of women that don’t.

What do these women do? Where can these women go to get the help and support that is needed to raise a son in today’s society? I have numerous friends that have been raised by single mothers and they have turned out just fine. So I do not doubt for a minute that a woman cannot raise a man. But I will say it again, I just personally feel that they should not have to.

I have found a new purpose, I found a new goal. My prayer is that all children can receive the right amount of love and support and guidance that is necessary in order to make a success story of their lives.