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The New Red Shoes

Little Timmy was only five years old but very soon he would be celebrating his sixth birthday. He was very excited because he knew his mom would make him a great big chocolate birthday cake with lots of icing just the way he liked it and he would get two pieces. That was the way it had always been. He had been working on a list of things he wanted in the way of gifts but he knew he couldn’t possibly have them all. Usually two gifts was the limit and they were always from his grandma and grandpa and mom and dad.
Timmy’s list was just toys. He had listed things like trucks, cars, a racetrack, a fire engine and a train set for starters. But Grandma had a different gift in mind.
A couple of weeks ago she had been walking on Main St. downtown doing a little window shopping and there in Jent’s Department Store window she laid her eyes upon the most beautiful pair of red lace-up Ked’s oxford shoes for little boys. They were a little pricey, but she decided they were worth every penny. She was sure it was the most perfect gift for her perfect little grandson. He was going to love them.
She rushed home with her perfect gift and wrapped it in bright colored paper and topped it off with a great big bow and her heart was filled with joy. She overflowed with love when she thought of her beautiful little Timmy wearing those red lace-up oxford shoes.
The day of the party arrived and sure enough Timmy’s Mom gave him a big chocolate cake with gooey icing. Many of his neighborhood playmates were there and there was lots of noise and excitement as the gifts were brought out. The first box he opened was a big red fire engine that he had been wishing for. Then there were other small boxes from his friends that contained books, a yo-yo, a board game and a deck of cards. Then it was time to open the biggest box from Grandma and Grandpa. He just knew it was going to be something grand. He hurriedly tore the paper from the gift and opened the box and there were the red oxfords. Really red!
As Timmy lifted the shoes from the box there was a stunned silence all around the room. His Mom and Dad seemed to be in shock and all the kids after a few seconds began to laugh and point at the shoes. One little boy shouted, “Oh no”, and another shouted, “You’ve had it now”. The little girls were giggling and Timmy’s face had turned a bright shade of red that oddly matched the offending shoes. Timmy put them back in the box, his face fallen. “Thank you, Grandma”, he managed to utter.
After the gifts were all opened there was some game playing with the children and then everyone went home exhausted from the celebration. Afterwards, Grandma sat down with Timmy, gave him a big hug and said, “You don’t like the shoes. Do you?” Timmy replied, “Well, I guess they’re not too bad. But I think the other kids will laugh at me. Everybody else wears black or brown shoes.”
“Well,” said Grandma. “The reason I chose red shoes for you is because I know that you are a very special little boy. Black and brown shoes are just ho-hum. Anybody can wear those. But it takes a very smart and handsome man to wear red shoes. These shoes are special and unique just like you. And besides, I hear they can help you run really fast, too. I think you should call them your fast shoes.”

Timmy liked the sound of that. He carefully took the shoes from the box, slipped his tiny feet into them and allowed his Grandma to lace them and tie them up. He took a few steps around the room to see how they felt. If Grandma said they were fast shoes then it was so. He decided to take them on a test run. The last thing Grandma saw was the flash of the red shoes going out the front door. They really were FAST SHOES!!!

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