New Study Says Hitting Can Lead to More … Hitting

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New Study Says Hitting Can Lead to More … Hitting

More fuel to fire the “to spank or not to spank debate”—New study says lifting a hand to your little ones today can lead to aggressive behavior tomorrow. What do you think about that?

Based on a recent Tulane University study revealing that toddlers who are spanked are 50 percent more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior as adults—along with ABC’s World News, we have to ask: Is Spanking still okay as a discipline tool for kids?

The study even suggests that light spanking (you know, those little swats on the bum) can increase the risk of aggression.

This has been a lively topic in the confessional over the years—with the conversation reaching a fever pitch when parenting expert Brett Berk shared his very strong views about this, er, discipline technique in 3 Reasons you should NOT spank your child.

More recently, these spanking stories have been shared:

I have never hit my daughter in any way, shape, or form. I don’t care what other people call it “spanking, swatting, popping” hitting is hitting in my world I just cannot bring myself to ever do that to my daughter. However, today, I yelled at her. I told her to “leave me the fuck alone for five seconds before I jump out the window” I feel hofrrible and awful. I can’t believe I let my sweet angel four-year-old tap into such anger in my soul, or even that it exists. I apologized a couple times throughout the day but damn, I still feel so bad. I am so sorry baby, mommy will never yell at you again. Never.

I am having a problem with my five-year-oldold daughter being more aggressive than the boys in her class. And she fights her baby sister constantly! Spanking are not working anymore and I don’t know what to do! This was not in the millions of baby books I have read and other websites are telling me to “talk to her about the situation”. I have talked till I am blue in the face. I am soooo not prepared for this, at this age, with a girl!

I lost it this morning. I can’t even tell you how many times I spanked my son. I don’t normally believe that spanking is abuse but this morning I crossed the line. I’m sorry, horrified, and a bunch of other emotions all put together. I pray that I can get my s**t together enough to never ever let this happen again.

Every day, I vow to be a better mommy and stop losing my temper with the kids (yelling, spanking, threatening). I remind myself that they are young and need my guidance and a good example to follow. I get angry that my four-year-old seems to have developed my temperament, and my two-year-old kicks and screams when things don’t go her way … It’s an endless, destructive cycle, and I don’t know how to get my patience back.

With these new statistics—have you changed your stance on spanking?

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