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Yesterday morning I woke up like every other day. I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and got ready to go potty. But this time I had a pregnancy test in hand. I did the “deed,” sat it down and walked away from it thinking that I would only see what I have always seen … nothing. Much to my surprise I saw two pink lines and I really couldn’t believe it! Then I threw the test away thinking it wasn’t real! Now … this is my second child but we found out about my daughter through my blood work … so I never got the surprise of seeing it this way! Do I tell my husband yet or do I try to surprise him?! I sat on it all day long and finally told him yesterday evening. His surprise and excitement were more then I could have ever hoped for. Number two is on the way and our small family of three will be four sometime in the fall. That was our wonderful news for Thursday, February 7th, 2008!

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