The Next Chapter

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The Next Chapter

Hi again. My son almost failed again. He wasn’t going to turn in his final report for the second time in a row. Needless to say, I received a call from his English teacher. The report was due on a Wednesday and he was at the Shakespeare Festival that day. He also planned to go on a field trip that Friday. I got a little mad and called the State Board of Education and asked who had the power to do something about this situation. I was pointed in the right direction of the high school principal’s office. The principle pulled him into the office and told him if he didn’t turn in the project that he would be missing the field trip on Friday. I agreed to this prior to him doing it. Sure enough, the project, which was a big part of the English grade, was turned in on Thursday.

He pulled out a C in the English class. This was his second year taking that particular English class. How could he possibly fail twice in a row the same class? I also met with his teacher and we talked about how smart he was and how he should be taking college courses. Jason graduated June 6, 2008, and the child support finally ended. The control my ex-husband had over me has come to an end. My paychecks are now my own. There is only one problem—my son still refuses to talk to me. He is living at a neighbor’s house. He applied for a job and is waiting for a phone call.

Jason also finally got his driver’s license. I only know about all of this because I frequently call the neighbor to check on how Jason is doing. I called the other day to see if I could drop off an application for where I work for my son Jason. He would start out at $15.87 and in one year be up to $17.08 per hour. Once again I was only trying to help. The thing is, he could of worked on another shift or even in another building. When I called, Jason answered the phone. I asked for Beth. He said she was at work. I said oh, she’s at Karn’s already. Then I said is this Jason and he hung up on me again. I decided to let him make it on his own. If he can’t show me any respect, why should I keep beating myself up over him? I’ll sit back and wait for him to come to me. No doubt when he needs something. That’s my life up till now. Waiting …