Nintendo Wii: The New Home Gym

by admin

Nintendo Wii: The New Home Gym

Recently I bought a Nintendo Wii, not for my children, but for myself. I am determined to lose weight in a nonconventional way, and what better line of attack than through fun? I have recently learned that I am not disciplined enough for gyms and other “normal” exercise methods. I often feel intimidated in the gym setting and let’s face it … when I am at home, I think of one million other things I need to be doing instead of exercising. Watching a video or television show with chiseled bodied hosts and hostesses who effortlessly perform physical tasks barely breaking a sweat or breathing hard is also intimidating. I subscribe to the school of thinking that basically says … if it’s not fun, what’s the point? Thus, I discovered the Wii and the Wii Fit!  

I use the regular Wii console which contains Wii Sports (tennis, boxing, bowling, baseball, and golf) and the Wii Fit (balance, strength, and aerobics training) interchangeably for my workouts.

Wii Sports is exactly that! You are seriously playing on the court, in the ring, on the field, and on the green! You do have to exert almost the same exact effort with this game as you would playing these sports in real life. That is what makes it fun … and makes you sweat! You hardly think you are exercising while challenging your friends and family … or the machine … until of course you wake up in the morning sore from using muscles you never knew existed.

I especially like using the Wii Fit because of its progress tracking and … well … its companionship. Wii Fit gives you your own personal trainer (yes, a man or woman who talks to you) who helps you through strength training and yoga by showing you the proper way to complete the exercise and cheering you on in the process (provided you do it right, of course). This witty little gaming system tracks your weight loss, BMI (body mass index), and all of your exercise progress and even attempts to develop a relationship with you by offering advice for diet and overall healthy living.

In the short time I’ve been using the Wii, I have lost weight, gained a motivation to exercise, and gained a bit of self-confidence. Being able to have fun while exercising and competing to reach my goals makes Wii the ultimate new home gym!

By Christie Crowder