No Instructions Included

by admin

No Instructions Included

Guess what? Children don’t come with instructions. I had to learn that the hard way. Hi, my name is Sophia. I have two kids. They are great and they are a handful. I have five stepchildren. They came “packed,” I would say. There are three boys and two girls. When I met them, the girls already had the bras and the period had started. So I didn’t have to give a talk or anything. I didn’t even have to talk about the drug talk either. At that time, I was feeling pretty good.

Oops, my daughter started to grow up. She and I fight a lot but we are partners in crime a lot as well. She didn’t tell me that she started her period. When I had found out she had it, I got her a book and we talked until 10 at night. She just laughed and laughed. The next week was different. She had gotten in trouble. The school called me—you know that trouble.

To top that off one of her stepbrothers had gotten in trouble. I had no idea what to do or say. That’s when I sat down and thought that children don’t come with instructions. If they did, we would have many more restful nights. I know it’s a wish but maybe just maybe there will be a real set of instructions out there for us to follow.