No Rabid Bats

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No Rabid Bats

Boo (that’s my nephew) is officially enrolled to start Kindergarten in the fall. Yes, they usually try to get them enrolled a little earlier in the year, but Smash (my sistah, Boo’s mama) has been busy … anyway, it is done now, and in the enrollment package was a note to parents about appropriate and inappropriate things to allow the kids to bring to school. Well, rabid bats were NOT on the list, but perhaps they should have been … I thought I would re-run an old post just as a little reminder, in case your kid is getting ready to start school, too:

Rabid Bats

October 7, 2008

So you know those news headlines that pop up when you sign online? You can click on them to read the whole story … well this morning one of them caught my eye: “Mom brings rabid bat to school.” I read the story … turns out mom decided a dead rabid bat would be the perfect thing to bring in for show and tell … why of course! Long story short all ninety kids who touched the damn thing have to get a rabies series at a cost—to the school—of $70,000 … ooopsie. Got me thinkin’… what else should one NOT bring in to school for show and tell … you would think these would be common sense, but then again …

Dead rabid bunnies, dogs, cats, mice … oh you name it, pretty much any dead animal, probably not a good idea … come to think of it, LIVE rabid animals also NOT a good idea.

Poisonous snakes—like rattlers, copperheads, water moccasins, coral snakes … poisonous spiders, too, especially in open containers, those little suckers tend to be quick and can get away from you before you know it.

Shotguns, pistols …weapons in general, although you might could get away with a stun gun … flame throwers and anti-aircraft missiles are especially cumbersome and would just be a pain.

Chemicals, nuclear waste, toxic/hazardous materials … these have to be marked and identified in VERY specific ways which is just a drag AND they can be stinky and messy … kids tend to be stinky and messy enough on their own.

Think that covers most of the biggies, OH, and razor blades, broken glass, heroin, porn … well you can bring the porn, but only for the teachers.