No Time to Teach

by admin

No Time to Teach

The school my son attends is a great school, and up until the fifth grade, he had great teachers. The teachers and I had great communication between us and it was the best. My son has been on the honor roll all semesters for the past four years and he has made the principal’s list at least three of those times.

When he started the fifth grade, we could not figure out why the atmosphere was so different—lo and behold, it was his teacher. As we all know, the teacher sets the tone of the class and to me, this teacher did not seem like she wanted to teach. It became clear that all she wanted to do was to just sit and do something that looked like teaching and get a check. It is the last quarter of the school year and she and another teacher still have not taught the kids how to write in cursive. No cursive, no ink. You know why? They just “do not have enough time to do it.”

You know what they did have time to do … they had enough time one day to humiliate four boys, and in turn, intimidate the other kids in class, by making them wear girl crowns and then making one boy sing that he likes wearing girl-y crowns and clapping his hands. They are still teaching because, according to the school superintendent, these kids come from homes so dysfunctional that extreme measures are needed to make them stop talking in class. These teachers take away recess and use it as a threat if the kids do not have their homework. It is just awful and I have complained to the school district and I tried to file a complaint with the state superintendent. But my complaint was played off like it was nothing. See, by that time, a classmate had called my son the “N” word and I was told, “Oh well, it is no big deal—he said he said it to the computer,” so that is it.

People, we have to make the public educators know we are not playing. We need to hold them accountable and we do not have time for them to play with our kids’ lives while they tell us they just don’t have enough time to do anything in class. I know I will file another complaint with the state school superintendent and I will make sure the same complaint will be sent to the Secretary of Education for the United States as well. It is time to take our public schools back and give our kids everything they deserve. It is a shame when our kids are learning less than we did when we were kids.