No Training for the Job of Mom

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No Training for the Job of Mom

Even though many say that raising a family is one of the most important roles a mom will ever have, there is little to no formal preparation and ongoing development to insure success. Most of the mothers I know have learned how to be good moms by trial and error!

No Training for the Job of Mom
Did you know that Starbucks trains new store employees for three weeks, and a total of thirty-five hours to make a cup of coffee? Companies spend over $100 billion each year on training and development to help their employees be more successful at their job. It’s insane that more preparation is given to preparing a cup of coffee than for preparing for motherhood!

One company, Inspiring Moms, believes it’s time to apply some of the principals that have worked effectively for career development—and bring these principals to the home front. It’s no surprise that this company was founded by CEO Amy Hilbrich Davis—mom of seven. 

Balance Map—Inspiring Moms New Product
The newly released inspiring Moms’ Balance Map is a tool that creates a personalized road map for moms—in just fifteen minutes. The Balance Map is an online application that works to help mothers find their own personal guide to being a mom. TruuConfessions readers can get a free trial of the Balance Map.

Tell me what you think! I love the idea and can’t wait to try it.

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