The Noisy Tree

by admin

The Noisy Tree

“Shriek, shriek! Oooooooh-eeeeeee!”

What is that awful noise? It was coming from the big, tall tree in Sam’s backyard.


There it was again! Sam ran to get his mom.

Mom turned the burner off on the stove and rushed outside. She looked up in the tree, but couldn’t see anything. She sure could hear the awful shrieking, though!

Mrs. Wolfe came from across the street. “What is that awful noise?” she asked.

Mr. Green came from next door. “What is that awful noise?” he asked.

Soon it seemed the entire neighborhood was in Sam’s backyard looking up into the tree. The tree was so tall and dense, you couldn’t even see the top.

Dad came home from work. “What is that awful noise?” he asked. “I could hear it a block away!”

It was getting dark. The shrieking stopped, and everyone went home.

Sam and his mom and dad went in to eat dinner.

It sure was a mystery.

Sam got ready for bed and said his usual prayers, but this time he asked God to take care of the creature, whatever it was, that sounded so lost.

Sam tossed and turned all night. He just couldn’t get to sleep. When he finally dozed off, he imagined he heard the awful shrieking noise again.

Sam opened his eyes. It was barely daylight. He jumped out of bed and looked out his window.

The red van was gone. His dad had left for work.

He could barely see the big bushy tree.

He pulled on his jeans, slipped on his yellow shirt, and quietly slipped out the back door.

He ran to the big tree and looked up.

No, it couldn’t be! He must still be dreaming! He ran back into the house.

“Mom! Mom! Come quick!” His mom was half asleep, but quickly threw on her robe and ran outside.

She looked up and couldn’t believe her eyes!

Sitting on a limb, looking back at her with his black beady eyes, was a small, gray monkey!

He let out a loud shriek. “Ooooooo-eeeeeeeee!”

Sam and his mom quickly covered their ears.

His mom made a phone call. Soon a big white truck arrived with big black letters on the side that spelled “ANIMAL RESCUE.”

The Animal Rescue truck driver said someone had called the day before to report a missing monkey that had escaped from his cage. His name was Shiloh.

The truck driver held out a banana and softly called “Shiloh, come here boy.”

Shiloh was so hungry that he ran right up to the man. Soon he was on his way back home.

Sam was glad the little monkey was safe and would soon be with the family that loved him.

He sure was glad the awful noise was gone, but he couldn’t wait to tell the kids at school about the noisy little monkey in the tree!