Nose Jobs: Five Things to Consider Before Your Teen Has One

by CreditMom

Nose Jobs: Five Things to Consider Before Your Teen Has One

My son is not getting a nose job any time soon. Sure, he does want rhinoplasty to fix his nose, which I think looks just fine but no, it’s not happening. Why? Well besides the fact that he’s only fourteen, has broken it twice (once traveling head first down a water slide and the other time colliding with his brother’s head as they were boxing) and is still immature in physical and mental growth, it’s incredibly expensive.


The cost of medical and dental insurance for our family of five per year is $4,000. That does not include out of pocket co-pays, prescription, and over the counter drugs, gas, tolls, parking, medical supplies and emergency room fees (which are pretty high when you have three boys.)


Just for kicks, I asked a friend of mine at NewImage.com for the average cost of rhinoplasty. The rhionplasty surgery itself is roughly $4,500 plus operating room fees and anesthesia. Since my son recently broke his nose we know that anesthesia for 80 minutes was $1800. So, I’m thinking a round about figure is roughly between $8000 to $10,000 when you factor in all of the above, plus follow up doctor visits and other miscellaneous costs that we never think of when we’re planning. Let’s not even get into the down time and recovery period.


So what’s a boy to do when he isn’t happy with his nose?


1. Stop acting reckless. Continuing to break your nose is not going to get you a free nose job by insurance standards. It’s just going to get you one messed up nose leaving you longing for your original less crooked one.

2. Mature.
This is perhaps the toughest one. Start taking responsibility for your body and actions. Think about the consequences before you enter into a situation. Boxing your brother? Did you ever see what a boxer’s nose looks like? With three boys I sometimes think this is an impossibility.

3. Grow Up.
Our plastic surgeon told us that boys need to be at least sixteen before he will even consider plastic surgery. Besides taking into account points 1 and 2 above, their noses are still growing (my son just loved to hear this) and having plastic surgery too early could really harm a child’s nose in the long run.


4. Self Confidence.
Ok, I know I’m his mom but I feel my son is a pretty good looking kid and doesn’t need any work done to his face at all. He needs to stop focusing on his weaknesses and work on his strengths. I keep telling him when you are self confident you are beautiful but he’s a teen and it’s going to take a while for this to sink in (again see points 1 and 2 above.)

5. Get a Job!
If you really feel after all of these steps that you cannot live another minute with your nose, then sorry kid but you’re going to have to cough up some money for it. Your twin brothers are doing a countdown to their new RockBand drums. Well, start a countdown to your nose job. We’re willing to pay for some of it as a combined birthday/holiday gift but we’re not footing the whole thing.


Any one else have a young teen in the same situation? What do you advise?