Not Knowing Hurts

by admin

Not Knowing Hurts

My son Jason had his tonsils out. The only thing was I never even was notified that he was having a problem. I did a favor for my (kind of) adopted mom. She needed someone to take a friend of hers to get his check cashed and get cigarettes and groceries because he was going into the hospital. Well on this little adventure, Dana is the friend’s name I picked him up and he is wearing a pink coat, hat and pink boots. He looked great he is a true character. When we stopped for his cigarettes my ex-mother-in-law was also there at the gas station that morning. She even waved at me. She had at least ten to fifteen minutes that she could of talked to me but didn’t.

Later, I called the school to see how Jason was doing. I talked to his guidance counselor only to find out that he missed a week of school because he had his tonsils removed and had some complications to the medication. I was very upset by this I proceeded to call my ex’s mother and ask why she hadn’t told me, and also don’t they think Joe (my ex) is taking this a little too far. I also called him an ass. This was the message I left on her machine, needless to say they never returned the call. I then called the neighbor Bethand she told me that he was ok and that he went back to school that day. I was so relieved to hear that Jason was ok.

Two months later I get the bill for the unpaid medical bills. I had no prior knowledge of the surgery and never was consented about it or signed anything for the surgery. Also at the time of the surgery Jason was eighteen years old. His father and Jason were both legal adults to enter into the financial agreement and be liable for the remaining bill. I should mention that I pay the insurance for my son Jason weekly eighteen per week. I was ordered by the court to pay 78 percent bill because Jason is still in school, wasting the tax payers money so he can see his girlfriend.