Nudity in Your House: When Is It Time to Cover Up?

by truuconfessions

Nudity in Your House: When Is It Time to Cover Up?

Feel like you’re living in a nudist colony? Or are private parts always kept very private? Truu Confessions is stripping down and discussing this hot topic.


Before Daddy Blogger Rick Suvalle of I Peed on My Kid had kids, he would not be walking around in the buff.


“Perhaps it’s because my father worked for Polaroid and my formative years were extremely well documented on sixty-second film stock, but I have very fond and vivid memories of being two years old. I remember my second birthday party, I remember my first babysitter—Trisha Beckwith—and I remember going to work with my father, Fisher Price Farm in hand, while my mother was in the hospital recovering from giving birth to my sister. And because I have so many memories of being two I decided long ago that the day my girls turned two would be the day they stop seeing me naked because the last thing I want them to remember is seeing Big Jim and the Twins bouncing around the house.”


Rick’s wife on the other hand, is free as a bird—“She sleeps in the nude, walks around in the nude, and one time she even helped a female guest open up the sofa bed, while in the nude.”


But according to Parents Ask expert Carin Goldstein, LMFT, Rick’s modesty is not so over-the-top. She says around age three and four children begin to enter what Freud called as the oedipal stage, where boys “want to marry mommy” and girls “want to marry daddy.” As this is developmentally appropriate, this might be a time to consider being a little more discreet in front of the kids.


In my own house, I’ve noticed that my two-year-old son has started to become increasingly interested in my “private parts”—sometimes reaching and pointing, “That’s your ‘Pachima,’ Mommy?” (Pronounced Pa-Ch-eye-Ma).


So the question is, True Confessors, what’s the cutoff for walking around in the buff? And more importantly, how do you enforce privacy in your home? Tell us here!


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